RAS Kapitza Institute RUS

Alexey M. Troyanovskii

List of publications

  1. Electron localization over a liquid hydrogen surface
    JETP Lett. 29, 59 (1979)
    co-authors A.P. Volodin, M.S. Khaikin

  2. Electron localization over the surface of crystalline hydrogen and neon
    JETP Lett. 29, 382 (1979)
    co-authors A.P. Volodin, M.S. Khaikin

  3. Levels of charges at surfaces of dielectrics
    Surface Sci. 98, 66 (1980)
    co-authors M.S. Khaikin, A.P. Volodin

  4. Electron mobility in two-dimensional layer over the surface of solid hydrogen
    Sov. Phys. JETP 54, 214 (1981)
    co-author M.S. Khaikin

  5. Universal temperature regulator with an object identifier
    IET 26, 488 (1983)

  6. Scanning Tunneling microscopy with modulation of the tunnel gap and in a liquid
    Sov. Tech. Phys. Lett. 11, 1236, (1985)
    co-author M.S. Khaikin

  7. Scanning tunneling microscopy if the Si/Si02 interface in MOS-structure
    JETP Lett. 44, 245 (1986)
    co-authors M.S. Khaikin, V.S. Edelman, et al.

  8. Scanning tunneling microscopes
    IET, 4, 231 (1987)
    co-authors A.P. Volodin, M.S. Khaikin, V.S. Edelman

  9. Scanning tunneling microscopy of a multilayer semiconductor structure
    Sov. Tech. Phys. Lett. 13, 568 (1987)
    co-authors V.S. Edelman, M.S. Khaikin

  10. Feedback control system for scanning tunnel microscope
    IET 32, 188 (1989)

  11. Study of the NB-NB oxide-Pb film structures with a scanning tunneling microscope
    JETP Lett. 44, 366 (1986)
    co-author E.M. Golyamina

  12. STM combined with SEM: a tool for nanometry
    J. Vac. Sci. Techn. 9, 618 (1991)
    co-authors M. Hietschold, et al.

  13. Dependency of superconducting films critical parameters on their microstructure
    Physica C185, 2031 (1991)
    co-authors E. Golyamina, V. Dedu

  14. Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of organic thin film topography
    Thin Solid Films 188, 393 (1990)
    co-authors M. Hietschold, et al.

  15. STM investigation of a Multilayer Semiconductor Structure
    Phys. Stat. Sol. a 131, 11 (1992)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  16. Atomic-resolution STM image of a Pb(001) surface
    JETP Lett. 57, 445 (1993)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  17. Formation of atomically smooth terraces during cleavage of bismuth crystals; dynamics of the terrace boundaries
    JETP Lett. 60, 111 (1994)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  18. Amplitude of the atomic corrugation of a cleaved bismuth surface measured with a scanning tunneling microscope
    JETP Lett. 60, 300 (1994)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  19. STM revealing of twin microlayers with quantized width on cleaved Bi surface
    Euro. Phys. Lett. 34, 115 (1996)
    co-authors V.S. Edelman, D.Yu. Sharvin, I.N. Khlustikov

  20. Piezoinertia motor for a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope
    IET 40, 724 (1997)
    co-author A.P. Volodin

  21. Scanning tunneling microscopy of the cleavage surface of bismuth crystals
    Crystallography reports 44, 300 (1999)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  22. Nonuniform electron states near cleaved bismuth surface
    JETP 88, 1212 (1999)
    co-author V.S. Edelman

  23. Collective and plastic vortex motion in superconductors at high flux densities
    Nature 399, 665 (1999)
    co-authors J. Aarts, P.H. Kes

  24. Collective and plastic vortex motion probed by STM
    Physica B280, 225 (2000)
    co-authors J. Aarts, P.H. Kes

  25. STM imaging of vortex configurations in films of a-Mo3Ge through a Au layer
    Physica C369, 335 (2002)
    co-authors G.J.C. van Baarle, P.H. Kes, J. Aarts

  26. STM imaging of flux line arrangements in the peak-effect regime
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 147006 (2002)
    co-authors M. van Hecke, N. Saha, J. Aarts, P. Kes

  27. Imaging of vortex configurations in thin films by scanning-tunneling microscopy
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 82, 1081 (2003)
    co-authors G. van Baarle, T. Nishizaki, P.H. Kes, and J. Aarts

  28. STM imaging of vortex structures in NbN thin films
    Physica C388, 777 (2003)
    co-authors T. Nishizaki, G. van Baarle, P.H. Kes, and J. Aarts
  • STM imaging of vortex structures in thin films
    Molecular Nanowires and Other Quantum Objects, 269-274
    Kluwer Academic Publisher, Netherlands, (2004)
    co-authors G. Van Baarle, T. Nishizaki, J. Aarts, P. Kes
  1. STM/STS study of superconducting diamond
    Science and Technol. of Advanced Materials 7, S27-30, (2006)
    co-authors T. Nishizaki, E. Ekimov

  2. STM/STS study of superconducting diamond
    Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 7, S27-30, (2006)
    co-authors T. Nishizaki, E. Ekimov

  3. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of the Anomalous Metallic Phases in (BEDT-TTF)2MZn(SCN)4 (M=Rb,Cs)
    JLTP 142, 159, (2006)
    co-authors N. Yoneyama, N. Kobayashi

  4. Two regimes in the magnetic field response of superconducting MgB2
    Europhys. Journ. B57, 21 (2007)
    co-authors A. Kohen, F. Giubileo, Th. Proslier, F. Bobba, A.M. Cucolo, W. Sacks, Y. Noat, D. Roditchev

  5. Local diamagnetic susceptibility of quasi-two-dimensional graphite
    JETP 117, 338 (2013)
    co-authors: E .G. Nikolaev, A.S. Kotosonov, E.A. Shalashugina, V.I. Tsebro

  6. Digital feedback loop and a control program for a scanning tunneling microscope
    IET 57(3), 279 (2014)
    co-author L.V. Tolmachev