RAS Kapitza Institute RUS
Timofei A. Soldatov
Ph.D., junior scientist

Address: KIPP RAS, 119334, ul. Kosygina 2, Moscow, Russia
Fax: +7(495)6512125
Phone: +7(499)1370998
e-mail: timofei.soldatov@phystech.edu

Researcher ID: O-8947-2015
Current research: ESR in antiferromagnets
CV List of publications Research Group: Spin Dynamics
Recent publications
  • Competition between dynamic and structural disorder in a doped triangular antiferromagnet RbFe(MoO4)2
    J. Phys. CS 969, 012115 (2018)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, O.A. Petrenko, A. Takata, T. Kida, M. Hagiwara, M.E. Zhitomirsky and A.Ya. Shapiro
  • Spin gap in the quasi-one-dimensional S=1/2 antiferromagnet K2CuSO4Cl2
    Phys. Rev. B98, 144440 (2018)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, K.Y. Povarov, M. Halg, W.E.A. Lorenz, A. Zheludev
  • Microwave dynamics of the stoichiometric and bond-disordered anisotropic S=1 chain antiferromagnet NiCl2-4SC(NH2)2
    Phys. Rev. B101, 104410 (2020)
    co-authors: A.I. Smirnov, K.Yu. Povarov, A. Paduan-Filho, and A. Zheludev